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Every condom sold helps TVPS support people affect by HIV.

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chemsex advice & support service in Berkshire


Afterparty offers advice and support to anyone affected by or involved in chemsex, living in, Berkshire.

Chems advice and support
Sexual health advice and support
Free HIV and syphilis rapid tests
Free condoms

We also offer PIP PACs - safer sex and safer chems packs. It's a little box of harm reduction. For a full list of what's included click here

If you don't want to visit us to get one of these, you can purchase them through the Gay Men's Health Collective - here

If you would like advice or support, please e-mail or text us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
E-mail: afterparty@tvps.org.uk

If you contact us out of standard working hours, we will repsond to you the next working day.