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Our team

The people behind the scenes

We provide our support, testing and awareness services through a diverse team made up by a combination of staff and volunteers, led by our CEO, Sarah, and supported by our trustees. We pride ourselves on being a committed, passionate, friendly and caring team, all working to make life better for the people who come to us for help and advice.

Each of our great staff team brings different skills and strengths and we are united in a passion to make a difference to people whose lives are impacted by HIV.

Around 30 fantastic volunteers give their time to help us with things as diverse as cooking the meals for our drop-in centres, providing one-to-one support under our mentoring scheme, or offering professional counselling services. Many of our volunteers are former service users who are keen to help others who are now facing the same challenges.

Our trustees also volunteer their time and bring a wealth of different experience from the commercial world and from health and social care. Led by our chairman, Sean, they are responsible for ensuring the charity runs smoothly and efficiently and is meeting its responsibilities to all its different clients and stakeholders.

Sarah Macadam

Chief Executive Officer

Joined TVPS August 2004

Sean Wheeler

Chair of Trustees

Jessica Harding

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Joined TVPS December 2008

Zoe Coates
Office Co-Ordinator

Joined TVPS September 2023

Sue Amer

Client Support Manager

Joined TVPS January 2018

Chantelle Kingsbury
Client Support Manager

Joined TVPS April 2022