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Chemsex support in Berkshire


Want to make your chems use safer?

If you’re concerned that you might not be using drugs safely and might be putting yourself at risk of contracting HIV or other STIs then we can help. We can advise you on safer chemsex, where to obtain needles and safer dosing. And we can help ensure that you prioritise your own safety when using hook up apps or going to parties.


Social life all around chems?

If your chems/lifestyle balance isn’t working for you and you’d like to take back a bit more control then we can help. Our aim is to ensure you manage your chems use the way you want to rather than letting chems manage you. We offer 1-1 support to enable you to openly discuss your chems use and we can make suggestions to redress the balance and give you back a bit more control.


Can’t remember your last sober sex?

Maybe your chems use has become too much and you’re thinking about stopping, we have peer volunteers who’ve been in exactly that position and understand how difficult that decision can be to make.


Want to stop chems?

If you feel now is the right time to stop then we can help you to access the right support to do so, and advise you on the services available to help you make this happen.

We also offer counselling through our BACP registered counsellor for anyone affected by chems

,Whether you’re thinking of reducing or stopping your chems use, or you’d like some space to talk confidentially about other areas of your life that may be driving your chems use, please get in touch.

Please contact us by calling 01628 603400, e-mailing