Chemsex advice & support service in berkshire

Afterparty offers advice and support to anyone affected by or involved in chemsex, living in, Berkshire.

Here at Afterparty Berkshire we offer a range of services to support you whether it’s cutting out chems completely or maybe just talking over some safer chems practices.

We have specialist support workers, in-house chems counsellors, a peer supporter programme, needle exchange, rapid HIV testing and free condoms. No judgement, just support.

If you would like advice or support you can e-mail us: or you can access virtual support via our live chat function, or even through Grindr or Squirt – we’re online Mondays 9am – 4pm.

Grindr username: Sexual health
Squirt username: TVPSsexhealth

If you make us a ‘favourite’, you’ll always be able to ask questions in an anonymous way.

Get in touch 01628 603400

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