HIV Manifesto

We’re calling on the next government to stand with people affected by HIV.

Alongside twenty other HIV organisations, we are asking MP candidates to pledge their support for the HIV Manifesto. We have come a long way since the 1980’s. While stigma and discrimination remain, HIV is now a long term condition and individuals are living with HIV into old age.

HIV treatment in the UK is excellent, but not everyone living with HIV is doing well. The number of people diagnosed with HIV each year remains high and far too many people are diagnosed late with HIV. Services which help people living with HIV manage their condition are facing continued funding cuts.

We have come so far. We can’t stop now.

That’s why we’re calling on the next govenrment to stand with people affected by HIV and prioritise sexual health services.

New chefs!

Meet the fantastic Roger and Lorna! The have joined the TVPS team as our volunteer chefs in the Slough drop-in. Their home-cooked food is delicious and a big hit with our service users, especially the scrumptious deserts! They’re with us on a Thursday, so pop in and say hi!