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HIV, Hope & Charity is a podcast series that gives people living with HIV a voice, along with discussing wider HIV related topics, such as PrEP, issues facing small charities and a bit more of an insight into who we are.


Chatting HIV and busting myths, one podcast at a time!


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HIV Heroes – UK Positive Lad

In this episode we learn about Tom Hayes and Jess makes her case as to why he is an HIV hero. Tom is an absolute force to be reckoned with and works tirelessly to advocate, support, educate and create change in the world of HIV.

Tom Hayes, Author at beyondpositive
Tom Hayes – PositiveLad (
Home – Saving Lives (
HIV-positive campaigner Tom Hayes on the horrific moment he was wrongly accused of ‘deliberately infecting’ others – Birmingham Live (

Further Information
Positively Thriving | LiVLife

Facebook @ukpositivelad
Twitter @PositiveLad
Instagram @positivelad

HIV Heroes – Lord Fowler

It’s back to the 80’s again this week where Sarah delves into the history of the ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance’ adverts and we learn what Lord Fowler was up against when trying to get launch this public health campaign.

House of Lords Speaker steps down to campaign on HIV/Aids and LGBT rights | The Independent


HIV Heroes – Be More Jill

In this episode of ‘HIV Heroes’ Sarah and Jess talk all things Jill Nalder. This incredible woman has had a huge impact on the lives of so many people living with HIV. Her experiences also helped inspire the smash hit series ‘It’s a Sin’.  #bemorejill

Jill Nalder – Wikipedia
In Conversation with Jill Nalder | Cherwell
It’s A Sin: The woman who inspired Russell T Davies’ Aids drama – BBC News

Further Information
Who We Are – MAD (
Home – The Sussex Beacon
The WestEnders – Welcome!

Sean – It’s a Sin Special

Sean talks with us about his experiences of being a young gay man during the 80s and 90s and also his experiences of volunteering as a ‘buddy’ with TVPS for those who were dying of AIDS during that time. He’s our very own Jill!

Below you can find the links we mentioned, and more…
aidsmap | aidsmap
Avert | Global information and education on HIV and AIDS
Home | Safe Sex Berkshire
Home | Terrence Higgins Trust (

Mark – It’s a Sin Special

After moving to London in the early 90’s Mark was diagnosed with HIV. He shares his experience of being diagnosed at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

GMFA – Stripped Bare Feature

Rich – It’s a Sin Special

Rich shares his experience of his wife being diagnosed with HIV in the early 90’s when she was pregnant with their son.  

We also give a shout-out to some other great HIV related podcasts
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Episode 7 – National HIV Testing Week

Sarah and Jess talk all things National HIV Testing Week, including all the different ways you can test for HIV.

TVPS – 1 minute HIV test at discreet venues (free)
Time to Test – Postal HIV test for West Berkshire residents (free)
HIV Test – Postal HIV tests (free)
Fettle – Postal STI testing kits (paid)
Superdrug – Home HIV Test (paid)
Safe Sex Berkshire – sexual health clinic information
It Starts With Me – NHTW campaign website
Mother of all Lists – Being a Positive Mother

Season 2 Episode 1 – TVPS in Lock-down

Sarah and Jess talk all things lock-down, including how TVPS have adapted their services and how we are staying occupied during this time.

P.E. with Joe Wicks
Camp Fit
Red Run London
Hygiene Bank
Baby Bank
Safe Sex Berkshire

Episode 5 – Allan

Allan opens up about what happened and how he felt, when he was newly diagnosed, 4 years ago and the journey he has been on since then. We talk family, disclosure, recovery and everything in-between.

myHIV Forum

Episode 6 – Sean

Sean talks with us about 26 years of volunteering with TVPS, from starting out as a ‘buddy’ to becoming the Chair of our organisation. He also gives us his views on the changing face of HIV, funding cuts and the challenges that small charities encounter.

Episode 3 – Andy

Andy shares his experience of taking PrEP, from initially buying it himself to later becoming part of the PrEP Impact Trial. He takes us through why he takes PrEP, how he doses, what happens on when you become part of the trial as well as how it’s improved his sex life.

Useful links:
I Want PrEP Now
PrEP Impact Trial
Dean St. PrEP Shop

Episode 4 – Jack D

Jack talks with Sarah and Jess about being diagnosed with HIV at 15 years old following his first sexual encounter. He shares with us how he handles HIV disclosure and how this had changed for him over the 16 years of his diagnosis.

Episode 1 – Sarah & Jess

Sarah and Jess have worked at Thames Valley Positive Support (TVPS), an HIV support charity in Berkshire, for a combined 26 years and in this episode, they share some of their experiences of working within the HIV/charity sector along with why they feel there’s a need for an HIV podcast.

Episode 2 – Sheila

Sheila talks with Sarah and Jess about living with HIV as a woman, juggling relationships, motherhood, work and all the usual stresses and strains of life. She explains why she feels her HIV diagnosis helped her achieve her goals and how she learned to accept her diagnosis and love herself again.